New Blood…

Yesterday I sat down to plan out my week, as I always do, and as I was trying to figure out my writing schedule I came across something in my Pinterest that sparked an idea.

As a writer when an idea hits you, you go with it.

So quickly I retrieved my laptop to look at the other story lines I have saved (I have a few other books that I got ideas for, tehe). It was if my muse, my motivation returned.

This excited me! I went with the flow. I followed the rabbit hoping it wouldn’t lead me a stray.

I added a few things to the other two stories and took a glimpse at book 3. Yea, I’m getting the itch again! The juices will hopefully be flowing once again!

When I went back to finish planning for the week I was to come up with a whole new plan! I’ve planned to write on the weekends only for a total of two hours. I figure I can pick one of the two stories to write for the first hour and than the second hour write in the 3rd book.

No writing planned for the week. This way I do not feel obligated to do any writing. And if I want to write, sweet! If not, no biggie.

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