Staying Motivated…

I’ve lost my motivation! Have you seen it?

With two pages written in Chapter 8, my motivation has gone. Yes, he/she left. No warning, just up and left me hanging. Damn it!

It’s really hard for me to stay motivated. I set alarms to remind me to sit down and write. The alarm goes off, I ignore it.

I’m a writer for christs sake! Where the hell is my motivation!

It’s not that I’m stuck and don’t know what to write. I have each chapter laid out. I have everything even time lined! I just don’t want to write.

I have no desire, no urge to sit and write.

Thinking back to when I first started writing the Cian McGrath series…

What motivated me then? What kept me motivated every time I wanted to give up?

Writing the first book was a breeze! Nothing could stop me! I worked a full time job, came home and just wrote! I was motivated! I was inspired!

The second book was just as easy as the first. I had my motivation. I had inspiration. I occasionally struggled with staying on task but I did it. I finished it.

But this third book, I got nothing. No desire. no inspiration, no motivation to sit my ass in the chair and fecking write!

I come back to the same old question, why? What is so damn different between now and the last two books? Why can’t I finish? I mean seriously, there are only 5 chapters left. Only 5! It’s not like I have the whole book to write. It’s not like the materials aren’t there for the story or the story itself isn’t there. So what the feck is my problem?

Why can I not stay motivated to write?

I can sit and write blog posts. I can write answers to challenges. BUT I CANNOT SIT AND FINISH THE THIRD BOOK!

Yes, I am angry. I am highly pissed off at myself.

But I will finish the book. Even if it takes me the rest of the year to do it. I will find my motivation again and keep it! I have too! There are more books in the series to write!

But, in the mean time, if you find my motivation can you please send them home? Tell ’em I miss ’em badly!

Thank you!

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