Born in Brattleboro, Vermont; A. K. Stapelman has traveled extensively through out the United States. She finally settled down in San Tan Valley, Arizona in 2010 with her husband, Wesley, who is a Marine Corps veteran.

Stapelman’s first published writing was at the age of 13 when a poem she wrote was published in a local magazine in Orlando, Florida. Most of Stapelman’s published works have been in photography since than. Though recently she had a news article published in the SanTanValley.com online newspaper in 2013. Her first novel was published in 2014, I Believe and her second novel, Deadly Cut, in 2015.

Stapelman decided to take 2016 off from writing to concentrate her efforts in turning the 1st book into a movie. Yet, she has found the time to write the 3rd book in the series, Not Again, due out in 2018. As well as a brand new series in a different genre. This is set for completion in December of 2017, with publication some time in 2018.