New Blood cont…

Remember last month I told you about a new story? If not, here is the link to that post.

Friday after my day job, I sat down at my desk to organize everything for the new book. Now this is a book I was going to start writing before but stopped after one chapter because of the Cian McGrath series. So I had set it aside so I could give the Cian McGrath series my full attention. I did. In that series I am now on the 3rd book.

I regress, as I was organizing everything I also re-read the first chapter. There was about a page to two pages that didn’t fit with the new storyline. I created a scrap sheet and added that to it. Re-wrote those pages to fit the new storyline. I was ready to start writing the story.

Now, here’s a little side note on my writing style…I have a spiral notebook for all my books. Each of these notebooks has info about the characters, their backgrounds, their separate stories and how they connect to the main character. They also have timelines to how the events of the story should go. Then there is the word count. One whole section is specifically just for the word count. This helps me remember where I had left off, how many pages I had written as well as how many words.

Saturday morning, laptop, notebooks, coffee and my smokes in hand I headed outside while it was still cool enough to sit down at my spot to write. When I opened the notebook with the word count in it I noticed the last date or the actual first date, the birth of the story if you will. July 1, 2016. How ironic that I should one year later restart the very same book.

With my motivation and muse in high gear I cranked out a wonderful 6 pages of 1,488 words. You have no idea the feeling of excitement it was for me to be able to write that much, let alone write at all!

As I said last month I was only going to write on the weekends, so I wouldn’t feel any pressure during the week.

Sunday I was able to finish the 2nd Chapter at a total of 13 pages and 3,114 words. What a great day that was!

So you know, I had to re-read the 3rd book from the Cian McGrath series. This took me a few days to do. You have to understand, this particular story I had lost my motivation with. And I was honestly a little afraid that if I got into it again my motivation would run screaming. But I just had to get this book finished.

Monday, I started the 3rd Chapter at a total of 6 pages and 1,529 words. I honestly didn’t want to stop! But I knew I had to. I knew that I still had to finish reading the 3rd book and I really needed to get back to writing it. Sigh.

And I did! I finished reading it and was very disturbed that the last two pages were off. They did coincide with where the story was, wtf! So I just had to fix that. It had to flow and in fixing that, I ended up writing 6 pages of 1.386 words!

I was shocked, excited and completely freed! Yes, freed. Free from the crushing fear of disappointment I was starting to have i my ability to actually be able to finish the 3rd book. Now I was well on my way to completing it as well as working on a whole nother story as well!

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One thought on “New Blood cont…

  1. This sounds so similar to my situation (although I’m currently only on book one), but I just revisited my story recently…and huh? I had written 7 chapters, but somewhere along the line I had managed to change the full story line and everything was completely off! Still have no idea where that happened, but in my long hiatus from looking at it, the full scope of the story has changed so it’s not the end of the world.

    I also have notebooks dedicated to my stories! I don’t have the page/word counts written in (although that’s a wonderful idea), but I definitely keep all of my references and my ideas in one spot. I think we would all be liars if we were to say that we didn’t keep notebooks at least once in our writing careers.

    You’re inspiring me to get back into writing my trilogy! I miss writing and the story I have is just begging to be told. I’m absolutely positive you’ll be able to finish your third book! 😀 It’s never easy, but you can do it!

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