Checking your Writing Goals…

Checking your writing goals is something I do every day. The problem is actually doing them. I’m still working on that part.

I have a planner I use specifically for writing my novels. 

Each month, I plan out my word count for the day, along with which days I should be writing. 

In the weekly/daily spread I have a sticker specifically for my word goals. The sticker is placed in the scheduled time I have set aside for writing. I take the goal from the monthly and write it on the top line by Goal. Once I have written for the allotted time, I do a word count, then write this number down on the second line Count. The third line is Need. If I fall short of my set word Goal this is where I would put either how short I was (with a -) or how much I went over (with a +). 

If it a negative, I tend to add it to my weekend writing goal. Easier for me to add what needs to be added on a weekend as I have more time to write. If it is a positive, I tend to ignore it unless I am close to finishing the chapter.

Sometimes these goals help, sometimes they do not. There are times when I write consistantly and get very excited that I am on a roll and look I just might finish this book this month! Then there are times when I go weeks without writing a word! And that tends to depress me. Nocks me down and it is a struggle to get back into the mood to write.

BUT I keep putting the goals in. I do this because I won’t always be ‘not in the mood’. When I do finally write, I will know where to begin. What I am looking to accomplish for that day.

Writing isn’t an easy job no matter what anyone says. Writing is just like any day job that you leave your home to work. But harder.

There is no boss staying on top of you, hounding you to write. There is only you. Your mind. And your computer.

So yes, writing is harder. Lots harder than most think it is.

Having a writing goal and checking it everyday can help keep you on track. It can also intimidate you as well. Do not become upset with yourself if you do not meet your goal for the day, week, or even for the month. You will write again. You will be able to finish that novel you have been working on for years. It will just take time.

So I will keep putting in my writing goals till the novel is finished. Then those writing goals will turn into other goals like editing, re-writing, editing again, re-writing again, book cover creation, promotions for new novel, book signings, etc, etc.

So be kind to yourself. Set your goals, every day, whether you write that day or not. Check your calendar or planner. Do this till it’s done. It will become a part of your writing as much as sitting down and writing is.

What are your writing goals?

I would love to hear your comments and or questions you might have. Seriously, ask away! Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook and or Instagram!


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