Least Favorite Word

I have a lot of these! Not kidding! As a writer certain words irritate me to no end. I try and figure out different words to use so I’m not repeating myself or adding in those pesky but’s um’s and and’s, lol.

In all seriousness though. I would have to say that in writing the word but and and are my least favorite. I try super hard to eliminate these words if they seem like they are repeating. Whatever is another one of my least favorite words as well. My character tends to want to use that a lot when dealing with the males in the story. I crack up when I mentally see her throw her hands up in the air as she is walking away and she’s yelling ‘WHATEVER!’ Only because I do this all the time with the males in my life, lol.

In writing it can be hard to get certain visuals across to my audience. I try really hard to be as descriptive as possible. Yet, as hard as I try it may not come across as I visualize it.

This is the point when having an editor is paramount! Heck, even a proof reader is a wonderful human to have! They are able to find those pesky repeated words, those pesky but’s and’s and other none essential words we use way too often.

Think about it. When you sit down to write a letter, a school paper, or anything how often do you use those words? When you are talking with people, how often do you say those words? I’m not afraid to tell you that I know for a fact I use them way too often. I’m a horrible public speaker. I get all tongue tied. My stomach is in knots. AND I tend to repeat myself, a lot.

When I write it’s different. I write the words as I think them. They just flow from my mind, to my fingers, to the keyboard. I don’t go back and try to rephrase anything. I don’t go back an edit anything. It’s the first rough draft of writing. It’s meant to be sloppy. It’s meant to be rough around the edges. When it’s finished, that’s when I go back. That’s when I tweek things. Add here, take away there. Move things around so they fit better. I know when I start writing that it will not be a perfect 1st draft.

I’m not sure if there is such a thing as a perfect 1st draft. If there is, I’m clueless about it. My books go through at least four drafts before I feel the story is good enough to publish. Even then, before I publish, I send it out to Beta Reader’s. If everything comes back clean from them, then I publish. Otherwise, I do more edits. No story is perfect BUT I try to make sure mine are as close as you can get.

I want my reader’s to not have to struggle with reading the story. I want them to become a part of it, as if they are the main character. I don’t want them to feel like an outsider looking in.

I would love to hear your comments and or questions you might have. Seriously, ask away! Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook and or Instagram!


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